Access Log

Access Log adds a MediaWiki special page. This special page, which is only visible to teachers, shows who read or edited a page, and when. It provides options to filter the list by user, action, page title, and/or namespace, and limit the number of days to show. It also provides an option to purge old log entries. The Access Log is effective in showing teachers the participation of students in the wiki.

This extension is also separately available as a stand-alone MediaWiki extension.

Access Control Panel

Access Control Panel adds a MediaWiki special page which provides a simple interface to setup group-based access control. Groups can be created or deleted, members can be added into or removed from groups, and privileges can be granted or revoked, all within a single control panel.

Whenever a group is created, an associated namespace is also created. Members of a group can view and edit pages in their group's namespace. Teachers can choose to grant groups privileges to access each other's pages by giving them the right to view each other's namespaces. This is effective in supporting separate group-based work, where after the conclusion of the work all groups should view each other's work.

This extension is also separately available as a stand-alone MediaWiki extension. This extension provides a front-end to the Lockdown extension, described below.


This extension provides the back-end functionality of access control to MediaWiki pages, on which the Access Control Panel extension depends. Lockdown is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (or later).

Inline mp3 Player

This extension provides a simple inline mp3 player. After uploading an mp3 file to the wiki, users can simply add code of the form <mp3>filename.mp3</mp3> to a wiki page to embed an mp3 audio file directly in the page, with simple playback control. This is useful in courses which use audio material, such as interpreting (spoken translation) classes.

The mp3 player extension was created by Sylvain Machefertand is based on dewplayer which is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 France. The mp3 player extension requires a Flash player to be installed in the browser (which is true for all modern browsers).